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Program Registration | SMP

Program Registration

All events have been suspended until the fall programming restarts. Thank you to all of our members, guests and speakers. We hope to see you this fall!


Event Registration
Join us at our next SMPNEW event!

- Reservation includes networking, program, and dinner.
- Members who cannot attend should send a business associate in their place at no additional charge (a reservation is still required).
- Reservations must be made by noon on the Monday prior to the meeting.
- Reservations must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to the start of the program to receive a refund.
- Guests may attend up to two times per program year.

Advance payment is required at the time of registration. You will pay through our secure site with a PayPal Account or any Major Credit Card after this form submission.


Next Event:

Events are currently suspended


We will email everyone when we expect to resume. Thank you!