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Pay one annual fee, currently $250 (first year this includes badge costs, subsequent renewals take $25 that goes to our scholarship fund). Membership includes all programs for the year (networking, speaker and dinner).

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If your company sponsors one or more yearly programs, gratis invitations to scheduled events can be arranged. Board of Director approval is necessary for this type of membership.

Recent College Graduate Membership

We offer a one-year special membership for new college graduates who have graduated within the past 12 months; a 50% reduced rate and no initiation fee. This membership comes with all regular membership benefits. The purpose of this offer is to help new college graduates get a strong start to their careers, providing some financial assistance as they “get on their feet”.

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Next Event:

January 15th, 2020

Speaker: Mark Meisner - Kwik Trip , Director, Marketing & Advertising
Host: TBD

Mark oversees Kwik Trip’s brand direction – including the Kwik Rewards loyalty program, all media and
sports marketing negotiation and activation, Kwik Trip’s digital and social presence, out of home
advertising and special promotions. Mark was recently named to CSP Magazine’s The Futurists ‘Power
20’ for the implementation of digital display in approximately 650 Kwik Trip and Kwik Star stores across
Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.