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Expectations | SMP


Membership Expectations

Don’t just join – join in!

SMPNEW currently has about 40 members. The goal of the association is not to have a large membership but an involved one. In common with virtually all voluntary organizations, we seek members who will not just join — but join in. We believe both tenure and quality of our membership will be enhanced if new members understand in advance our guiding principles, eligibility requirements, and membership expectations. Those expectations include the following:

  • Members will not join the association for the purpose of soliciting business from the membership roster.
  • Members will participate in at least one committee.
  • Members will make a personal commitment to attend monthly meetings and participate in planned activities when possible.

*Regular attendance and participation at meetings and events is expected from SMPNEW members

Next Event:

Events are currently suspended


We will email everyone when we expect to resume. Thank you!