SMPNEW Membership Benefits:

  • SMPNEW provides the opportunity to network with fellow sales & marketing professionals.
  • SMPNEW is an organization designed just for people in Sales and Marketing. Our programs are your continued ongoing training & education! SMPNEW helps you better understand your skills and strong points. Membership helps you to strengthen and hone skills. Learn about new ways to think about and enhance your existing skills.
  • SMPNEW Offers a “Members Only” meeting with special guest speakers.
  • SMPNEW helps you discover hidden nuggets of knowledge and expertise in your community.
  • SMPNEW affiliation with UW-Oshkosh helps to provide: scholarships, internship opportunities as well as mentoring potential.
  • SMPNEW Bundled Membership is less expensive than Pay-As-You-Go Membership with a savings of more than $120 per year.
  • SMPNEW members can bring co-workers at a reduced cost to programs.
  • If changing careers, SMPNEW looks good on your resume when you are an active member.

Next Event:

October 16th 2019

Speaker: Craig Culver
Host: UWO 625 Pearl Ave. Oshkosh

Craig will walk us through the Culver's story and talk about successes and failures along the way.