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Oct Takeaways: Sales Potential of the G League | SMP

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Oct Takeaways: Sales Potential of the G League

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 by

“Scoring Big with the NBA G League Affiliate”

Presenter: Steve Brandes – President, NBA G League Operations at Milwaukee Bucks/ President of the Wisconsin Herd

Steve Brandes graduated from college with a degree as an archeologist. He took a sports marketing program, started as an entry level sales person and worked his way up to run the Idaho Stampede in the D League before being named president of the Wisconsin Herd.

The Wisconsin Herd are a professional basketball team of the National Basketball Association (NBA) G League. They are beginning play with the 2017–18 season as an affiliate of the Milwaukee Bucks. Based in Oshkosh, the Herd will play their home games at the new Oshkosh Arena.

Brandes talked about the transformation from the “D” to “G” League. While the “D” stood for Developmental, there was a negative connotation (getting a “D” on a school project is not good). As options were considered, Gatorade purchased the naming rights, hence the “G” league name.

Brandes then gave a background of the development of the Wisconsin Herd including the name (have a connotation with the Milwaukee Bucks, plus name to attract all fans in Wisconsin rather than one city or area), location (Oshkosh was chosen from several options based on several factors including the city building a new arena) and the logo. For the logo, they wanted to have their own identity yet still be associated with the Bucks.

His presentation went on to describe the areas of importance in a multi-tier marketing strategy, upcoming broadcast opportunities and other main focuses with the NBA relationship. To read those notes and get the full insight, join SMPNEW today to get the full notes!