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Sept Takeaways: Listening Creates Growth | SMP

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Sept Takeaways: Listening Creates Growth

Posted on Sep 30, 2017 by

Starting off a program year filled with great events; it only made sense that our first program was with event coordinator, Joey Reader of A-mazing Events!

Attendees to the September program started the meeting with a “balance the feather” exercise. What they found out is that balancing a feather on a finger is hard when you look at the base of the feather on your finger. Balancing is easier if you look away from your hand, and at the top of the feather. Reader noted that while looking “down” at details is important, long term growth requires looking “up” at the big picture.

The key to planning a successful event is making sure that everyone is on the same page. To accomplish this, listening is critical. The event planner (or sales person) must understand what the goals are for the company – or person – hosting the event. Once those are understood, A-mazing Events develops a plan to achieve this – which is shared with the customer prior to moving forward.

Listening is an acquired skill. Reader presented some common-sense tips for strong listening:

  • Establish and maintain eye contact.
  • Ask questions to confirm content, and take notes. At the same time, realize that sometimes not taking notes may be better….

There are more notes to share! The above is just a snippet from the notes shared amongst membership. Don’t miss out on our next program and Join today to get the first-hand experience and full meeting highlights.