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A Recap on Program Year 2016-2017 | SMP

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A Recap on Program Year 2016-2017

Posted on May 18, 2017 by

As we wrapped up the last program of the year, it’s hard to believe it’s over! We had a dynamite year of programs ranging from manufacturing to distribution to service to community. On behalf of all members of SMPNEW, we are truly grateful to all our hosts and speakers from this past year. To recap, we had the opportunity to tour, meet and network with the following fabulous companies and organizations found right here in Northeast Wisconsin:

  • September 2016: Werner Electric Supply | Director of Marketing Todd Ostendorf | Details
  • October 2016: SNC Manufacturing | Vice President of the ICT/Utility Division Ben Bloom | Details
  • November 2016: Elevate97 | President Dave Coe & EGD Project Executive Tricia Herald | Details
  • January 2017: Speaker Licensed Psychologist Frank J Cummings, Ph.D. of Psychology Associates of the Fox Cities
  • February 2017: Seura | Vice President, Sales & Marketing Keegan Coulter | Details
  • March 2017: PMI Entertainment Group | Vice President, Consumer Events Holly Williams | Details
  • April 2017: Hoffmaster | Vice President of Marketing Cindy Herbert | Details
  • May 2017: Mile of Music | Founder Dave Willems

Our 2017-2018 program year is in the works as we set up the schedule. If you are interested in being a speaker, please contact SMPNEW President Amanda Betts as

If you read this list and thought, wow, I need to join – DO IT – click here to learn more.