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March Program Takeaways: Selling Venues & Selling Seats

Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by

PMI Entertainment Group is a full-service venue management and event production company. They serve as venue managers for several Brown County owned facilities including the Resch Center, Shopko Hall, Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena, Meyer Theatre and Leicht Memorial Park. Additionally, PMI coordinates services at Lambeau Field.

They are unique in their industry as they oversee a full scope of related service including and they have their own ticketing service. Customer who attend events have direct contact with four channel partners:

  1. The performing artists (singers, sports teams, tall ship group, RV group, etc.)
  2. The building venues
  3. The management services (ticketing, promoting, logistics; PMI’s role)
  4. Food/beverage service providers.

The question becomes who should take the lead role in driving customer growth. Each channel partner is likely to seek revenue opportunities that maximize profit for their area. Thus, the most opportunity for overall total growth lies with the channel partner that is least “bounded” by any certain type of program. PMI pursues growth in a way that is more flexible than how other channel partners would; they have a broader scope of ways they can grow revenue and are less constrained by any type of event. So, having PMI take the lead role probably is best for everyone overall. That’s a bit counter-intuitive in a way, because often in marketing we think about first developing a strong crystalized/niche position (e.g., the building owner, or the performing artist, or the food services), and then trying to grow with that niche focus. In contrast, PMI has perhaps less narrow focus than the other channel partners, and can thus grow in more ways.

Williams provided an overview of their Marketing Evolution. When she arrived three and one-half years ago, they had no unified online presence, did not cross-promote between events, didn’t utilize social media and they did not have a system in place for collecting and analyzing data. In fact, they couldn’t even accept credit card payments. Focusing on increasing their online presence and capabilities benefited multiple areas. For example….

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