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Posted on Dec 12, 2016 by

Leah Van Abel talked about the Three Pillars that define Elevate: Fun, Personal Responsibility and Innovation. She noted the three are related: when employees have fun at work while taking personal responsibility, creativity and innovation thrive.

Elevate was started in 1997 as a fulfillment center out of the owners’ garage. As they realized it was more efficient to produce pieces they were fulfilling, presses and direct mail equipment/technologies were added. In 2013, with the goal to elevate their partners’ brand, Elevate97 expanded into Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) – bringing on expertise and adding new equipment.

Tricia said through EGD they focus on finding ways to display their clients’ stories into their works spaces, for example through murals on walls in an office building. To achieve their creative execution, they work closely with architects, interior designers and builders. Their expertise in these areas allows them to “think outside the box” while understanding what is possible.

There are five steps involved in their process:

  1. Assess – For existing structures, this means coming on site, for new projects it involves meeting with the customers and project architects.
  2. Recommend – After analyzing logistics, goals and objectives, specific recommendations are presented.
  3. Design ……

There are more steps and more notes! The above is just a snippet from the notes shared amongst membership. Don’t miss out on our next program and Join today to get the first-hand experience and full meeting highlights.