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2016 October Takeaways: SNC Manufacturing, Forward Ready | SMP

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2016 October Takeaways: SNC Manufacturing, Forward Ready

Posted on Oct 25, 2016 by

Ben Bloom, vice president ICT/Utility Division at SNC, demonstrated a rather innovative product to our SMP group. He noted that their product is considered a commodity, but that is really only partially true, and it’s up to them to take steps to address the perception including expanding their product line. Ben talked about the process involved in integrating a product they’ve recently introduced into the market.

Bloom said the following are key factors in their approach:

A. Know your audience

1. The customer’s plan is more important than your plan. You may have a great idea how you expect to move forward. But if the customer’s plan leads in a different direction – go there.

2. Learn their language:

a. Not only do you need to understand the customer’s language, you need to speak it fluently – and don’t fake it. Your customer will know and your credibility will be significantly compromised.

b. Understand that with related markets, there will likely be differences in the terminology used and adjust as necessary.

B. Have passion about your product

1. If you’re considering a new product, think in reverse. Great ideas happen spontaneously – start there – and don’t worry about the….

There is much more that Ben shared with our group. The above is just a snippet from the notes shared amongst membership. Don’t miss out on our next program and Join today to get the first-hand experience and full meeting highlights.