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Sept Program: One Year Glance at Werner | SMP

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Sept Program: One Year Glance at Werner

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 by

Prior to his presentation, Director of Marketing Todd Ostendorf  gave an informative, private tour of Werner’s State-of-the-art facility that they moved into earlier in the summer. This was a special offer to those in attendance. The program itself, attendees were given an overview of the following:

  • Company overview of Werner
  • Marketing Approach – focus on the big picture with a consistent message
  • Connecting with customers/prospects
  • Increasing Brand Locally

The prospective given was that of the first full year for Todd as the director of marketing. The following are a few highlights and insights shared:

  • In addition to their Appleton warehouse/corporate office, they have 12 regional distribution centers throughout Wisconsin. They use a Spoke and Hub approach. All orders come through Appleton and are distributed from there.
  • For Werner Electric, they differentiate themselves with their service and technical expertise.
  • Their digital channels focus on reinforcing their value proposition. The primary tools are twitter, e-newsletters, white papers, blog posts, and sharing information through LinkedIn.
  • Through Werner University, they have qualified trainers provide certification, which electricians need to stay current. They offer training to all three of their segments, are well attended and greatly appreciated.

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