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SMPNEW 2016 Scholarship Recipient: Kyle Milligan | SMP

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SMPNEW 2016 Scholarship Recipient: Kyle Milligan

Posted on Jun 6, 2016 by

(Written by Kyle)

KyleI am Kyle Milligan and am a motivated senior at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh pursuing a Marketing major, Psychology minor, Sales emphasis, and Web Presence Management emphasis. I will be graduating from UW Oshkosh in December 2016. When first attending UW Oshkosh as a freshman I immediately joined the marketing club on campus to learn more about what kind of marketing career I wanted to pursue. Since my freshman year in 2012-2013 I have been a very active member, the Vice President of Finance, and now as the current President, I have lead the transformation of UWO Marketing Club to the UWO Marketing and Sales Club. Outside of being involved on campus, I have completed two full marketing internships with two very diverse corporate experiences. I will be completing a third marketing internship this summer as the Oshkosh Defense Marketing Intern. I also hold three on campus jobs while going to school full-time during the semester. In addition, I have been on the UWO Honor Roll every semester of college, with two semesters earning a spot on the UWO Dean’s list and earning a college cumulative GPA of 3.68. Recently I have been accepted into the National Beta Gamma Sigma Honor society, participated in the UW Oshkosh Sales Competition and won 1 st place individual and 1 st place team finish, and won the 2016 National Sodexo Campus Intern Best Practice Contest. In the near future, I will be applying to outside sales roles and entry level marketing manager positions. I am very excited to pursue my goals and achieve success in the business world.