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May Program: Setting a course for your life | SMP

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May Program: Setting a course for your life

Posted on May 31, 2016 by

Our May program was presented by Mary Hosmer at the Butte des Morts Country Club. Hosmer started this sales-oriented program by noting that working sales is great – where else can you have unlimited potential? Further, the sales process must be clearly comprehended:

  • 15% of the Sales Process is Technical
  • 85% of the Sales Process is Emotional – we need to connect with people.

For each of us, our life plays out like a movie. And in a movie, you need to have a script, the best scripts are developed over time, and take a holistic perspective. After developing your script, you need to decide what role you play in your movie:

  • A star gets a lot of attention, but ultimately is not in control of their performance.
  • If you’re working the camera, sound, etc. you make a huge impact on the final product, but primarily spend time watching things happen.
  • While not always out in front of the camera, the director is in control. What can we do to have control of our life?

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