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April Recap: The Habits of Victorious Selling | SMP

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April Recap: The Habits of Victorious Selling

Posted on Apr 25, 2016 by

Brian Gottleib started Tundraland with $3,000 in May of 2009 – the height of the recession. He felt that to succeed, his business had to inspire customers as well as employees. In seven years, Tundraland has grown to a multi-million dollar company with more than 60 employees. Gottleib said they’ve succeeded by focusing on giving back – 20% of their $3 million marketing budget goes to community improvement. “A business can do well and also do good,” he said.

Tundraland’s systemized sales program follows 5 rules. Here are two to share!

1. Practice like you play – Successful people practice, and so should you, to the point where your sales process becomes a routine.

2. A professional sales person encourages and inspires – A key is to have a pitch that sticks. Your pitch (value proposition) will not stick if it does not matter to your customer, if it doesn’t make sense to your customer, or is not heard by your customer. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and focus on their needs, so they connect to your message.

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