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February 2016 Takeaways | SMP

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February 2016 Takeaways

Posted on Feb 23, 2016 by

Building the new digital team

Associated Bank started in an immature place from digital marketing perspective. Our presenter took us through the last two-year journey to develop the digital marketing plan that the banking powerhouse has today.

  • Dana started with Associated Bank as a consultant in 2013
  • Digital Marketing Team started in 2013
  • Took a very rigorous approach to building the digital marketing team

Their goal was to drive strategy proactively. The organization needed to understand what digital was before they could move forward.

  • Decided to be agile in seizing market opportunities
  • Mindset shift to a “test and learn” approach – Learn from the flops without being criticized for taking a chance
  • Social Media engagement
  • Measure the impact of digital efforts

Associated Bank is on the Challenger Marketing Path

  • Embrace intelligent naivety
  • Build a lighthouse identity
  • Become a thought leader
  • Create a symbol of re-evaluations
  • Sacrifice
  • Over commit – “go big or go home”
  • Enter popular culture
  • Be “Big Ideas” centered

Now every campaign has a digital component at Associated!

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