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September 2015 Takeaways: "Things we've learned across industries" | SMP

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September 2015 Takeaways: “Things we’ve learned across industries”

Posted on Sep 26, 2015 by

Dynamic Insights is a small consultancy that specializes in growth; gathering and using Voice of Customer information to support and develop growth strategies. The following are a few takeaways from the first program of the year:

  • During their extensive research, Dynamic Insights has identified four categories of performance. Here are the categories:  Companies that are failing / Companies that are profitable, but not meeting growth objectives / Companies that are meeting established objectives / Companies that are growing explosively

  • Dynamic Insights recommends:
    1. Focus on providing a few products or services better than anyone else, and be willing to give up other services or markets
    2. Develop a deep understanding of end users and how they buy and benefit from your product/service. If you focus on helping people, you’ll sell more
    3. Attract and keep customers through organization-wide sales and marketing
    4. Let your competencies guide you; success is partly about delivering what customers want, but only where that intersects with your strengths

In the end, it is the relentless passion for helping the end user that shines throughWishing to learn more? Don’t miss out on our next program and Join today to get the first-hand experience and full meeting highlights.